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Popular YouTube Vape Reviewer Hospitilzed

Popular YouTube Vape Reviewer Hospitilzed

Posted by Shane on 27th Jan 2016


Popular YouTube reviewer DJLsbVapes, was hospitalized in Portugal. 

After extensive use of a ceramic type wicking mechanism in his personal vaporizer, he began to have complications in his throat and nose.

Right on the heels of the latest fear mongering tactic used by mainstream media, we now face the heinous outbreak of Ceramicus Particulitis. 

Ceramic materials are now the new hot topic in vaping right now. Many Chinese companies are jumping on the wave and designing devices to utilize this trending material. The problem now is, in Chinese affair, they may be using sub par materials to deliver such devices. Many users are finding fine particles being released from the wicking material. We do not know the impact of these particles, but it makes perfect sense not to put fine particles of any substance into your lungs. 

For now what most reviewers are recommending is placing a tea bag that most closely resembles the flavor of your e-liquid over your favorite drip tip, and use a spare o-ring to affix it. Well that, or tell China we are tired of being guinea pigs, and we would like some R&D done before it becomes a retail product. 


DJLsb Vapes was hospitalized for a totally unrelated reason. This is me purely being sarcastic and making fun of mainstream media. None of these incidents were related in any manner, yet with the wording people will post it as truth and not research any part of it. 

The things I wanted to do with this post is first and foremost see if people read an entire article, make fun of mainstream media as related to vaping industry, and finally, really rant about China making vapers beta testers. Here in the states, we pay people to be beta testers, not charge them.

I just want to point out, there is no disorder called Ceramicus Particulitis. That was the start of tongue-in-cheek.

/end explanation